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Icelandic Chickens


    Icelandic chickens (or “Icies”) originated with the settlement of Iceland in the ninth century by the Norse, who brought their farmstead chickens with them. In Iceland these birds are known as Íslenska landnámshænan, or “Icelandic chicken of the settlers.” Over the centuries, farmers selected birds capable of feeding themselves, and hens with reliable mothering skills. The result was a landrace of active, naturally healthy fowl adapted to harsh conditions. (A landrace is a group of domesticated stock adapted to local conditions and selected for useful traits rather than for conformation to specific breed standards, such as color, pattern or comb style.) Icelandics are on the small side (mature cocks weigh 4-1⁄2 to 5-1⁄2 pounds; hens, 3 to 3-1⁄2 pounds) but have good medium sized egg production, especially in winter.  Icies are very active and alert birds-rarely standing still! They have great personalities and come in a large variety of colors, have single and rose comes, and many are crested.

    Icies are reported to be winter hardy, but you must take into consideration that winters in Icleland are not comparable to Alberta. Care must be taken to protect combs of hens and roos. I keep my birds in insulated, unheated buildings with no trouble.

   Icies are a more self-sufficient breed that is great for homesteading. Given the opportunity, they will eat bugs and forage before eating commercial feed.

    Icies are known for being broody, so if you want to let them set their own eggs, they are very good mothers!

    It is imperative, if you are going to purchase Icies, that you ensure that the flock you are buying from is 100% pure Icies. Because Icelandics are so diverse in appearance, carelessness in breeding — or even deliberately mixing in “a little of this, a little of that” from other breeds — would not be obvious in the offspring. Genetically pure Icelandics have been honed by their unique history to offer an outstanding suite of utilitarian traits, and that irreplaceable resource must not be frittered away!

    If you would like to see more pictures of the birds, check out my Facebook page!

Hatching Eggs


Icelandic chickens are quite rare, and it is important to protect the purity of the breed. I have only Icelandic chickens on the farm. All of my eggs were purchased from original importers (from Iceland preservation program), who are varifiable breeders. Names are available upon request.


Eggs can be picked up at the farm or shipped anywhere within Canada. Keep in mind that hatching success reduces with shipped eggs. My shipped eggs have run from 54-100% hatching rate, but on longer shipments, one should expect about 50%.


If you would like to purchase eggs, please click here to visit the sales page.

Chicks and Adult Birds



During the summer months I do have day old chicks available if you order in advance. I do raise chicks to older birds if you are interested sexed birds. Icies are very difficult to sex until they are 3-4 months of age. Live birds must be picked up at the farm. Please do expect a waiting period for any orders.


Birds are priced according to age. Contact me directly for more information.


See Sales page for more information.



Looking for eggs to eat? I have those too! I believe that hertitage breeds were created for consumption, not just to look at. We enjoy eating the food produced on our farm and I know you will too! Contact me if you wish to purchase eggs for your family.

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